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Company history and organization chart

history / organization

Company history

1955 Kaga Co., Ltd. was established.
1960 Kaga changed its name to Sankei Co., Ltd.
1976 Sunline Sankei (Hong Kong) Co.,Ltd  was established as a first step in advancing into overseas markets.
1982 Sunline Industries Co., Ltd., a button producing factory in Ishioka, Ibaraki Prefecture, was established as a first step into the manufacturing business.
1988 Daiichi Textile Co., Ltd. was absorbed as a consolidated company, and a men’s apparel business was started. Fukusen Co., Ltd. was established in the city of Fukui, Fukui Prefecture, as a dye works for lining materials.
1996 The Mikuni Logistics Center was established as a logistics base for domestic shipments and exports.
1997 Sankei (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Sankei Trading Co., Ltd. in Shanghai were established.
Mikuni Plant started operations and began producing not only lining materials and interlinings, but also garment accessories including various types of tapes, and elastics.
2008 Itochu Corp. acquired 90.3% of Sankei’s shares.
2009 The head office moved to its current location (1-7-12 Shinonome, Koto-ku, Tokyo).
2011 Became a 100% subsidiary of Itochu Corp.
2013 Acquired shares in Yokohama Tape Co., Ltd. and its three overseas subsidiaries, making them Sankei group companies.

Organization chart

Organization chart