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Adhesive tape and inside belts


Adhesive tape and inside belts


Adhesive tape and inside belts play important roles in giving a product an attractive finish. At Sankei, we recommend the best adhesive tapes, such as stretch-proof and slip proof tape, to meet the customers’ purpose. Our Sewing Technical Advisor will propose the type of tapes to use and how to use it. We are also working with our tape factory to develop new products that reflect customer opinions.


Proposal for specifications for slip proof tape

Depending on what material is used for clothing, the seam of the corsage or sleeve can get pulled while wearing it, making the fabric slip, and the seam can sometimes be torn. In this case, by attaching slip proof tape, the risk of slipping can be reduced. At Sankei, we can recommend various types of slip proof tapes and specifications to look for, so that it will match the outer material or the clothing item itself.

The role of adhesive tape (stretch proof tape)

If we compare clothing to architecture, the outer material is the external wall, and the interlining is reinforced concrete. Adhesive tape is a pillar that strongly supports the building. Only by combining interlining and adhesive tape can achieve “attractive clothes that retain their shape”. Adhesive tape is also called “stretch proof tape.” It comes in various varieties to suit different purposes and uses, such as preventing fabric from stretching, flattering the fabric, slip prevention, and reinforcement. Using the tape best suited to the purpose or use helps to maintain the finish and quality of the product, and tape is an important hidden item within the garment

The role of inside belts

Inside belts are used on the inside of the waist of pants, skirts or other bottoms. They are a rather firm, belt-shaped form of interlining. A number of variations are available including plush and adhesive types and they can be soft or hard. Stretchable and curved types have also recently become available. In addition, we also handle a large number of types of twin belts, which are mainly used in men’s pants.

Product line-up

Adhesive tape

  • Flat tape
    (stretch proof tape)
  • フラットテープ(伸び止めテープ)
  • We have a large range of variations of adhesive tape available to suit the area of use, purpose, and outer raw material. We also have an extensive selection of colors.
  • Double tape
    (edging tape)
  • Wテープ(端打ちテープ)
  • This tape consists of a base tape overlaid with a second tape. It is mainly used for armholes.
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • 両面接着テープ
  • This tape comes in the form of a film or a net and has adhesive on both sides. It is flexible and ideally suited to tacking thread or temporary tacking. Types are also available for use with stretch raw materials.
  • Slip prevention tape
  • 滑脱防止テープ
  • This tape is being used to prevent “slippage” of the seams when force is applied to the outer material. We have an assortment of variations available to suit the outer material or use.
  • Reinforcing tape
  • 補強テープ
  • This excellent tape can be used for various purposes such as dealing with dots and eyelets, reinforcing pocket openings, opening button holes, and preventing winding at the front edge.
  • Tape for raw materials with poor adhesive properties
  • 難接着面辅料向けテープ
  • This tape can be used to stick to raw materials that are prone to peel with normal adhesive tape, including post-processed raw materials such as those that have undergone a shining process, and high density raw materials like nylon and polyester.

Inside belts

  • Inside belts
  • インサイドベルト(ストレート)
  • Stretch inside belts
  • ストレッチインサイドベルト
  • Stretch curved inside belts
  • ストレッチカーブインサイドベルト
  • Twin belts
  • ツインベルト