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2. Production system for clothing and accessory materials at our factories in Japan and overseas

2.	Production system for clothing and accessory materials at our factories in Japan and overseas

We have numerous factories located in Japan and overseas, notably our “Mikuni Production Base,” which consists of a number of garment accessories factories including Mikuni Factory, the largest lining material dye works in Japan, and Fukusen Factory,and also factories in Fukushima, Ishikawa, Tochigi, and elsewhere.
Overseas, we have garment accessories and label producing factories and sewing factories in China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh, and have a system in place to offer support for production in the globalizing apparel business. Sankei maintains its own rigorous standards of quality and provides reliable products at all our production bases in Japan and overseas.

An introduction to our production factories


Mikuni Production Base

We have a production base with a total area of 138,880 m2 and including various production factories and distribution centers in the Mikuni region of Fukui Prefecture.


Shanghai Production Base

Our Shanghai Production Base is located in the Pudong region of Shanghai, about 30 minutes by car from Shanghai Pudong Airport. It is capable of undertaking production operations consolidated from production of garment accessories to sewing of the product.


5.	Shanghai Production Base
Tochigi Plant/Shanghai Auxiliary Plant
Tochigi Factory/Shanghai Auxiliary Factory
Shoulder interlining and haircloths
Fukushima Plant/Shanghai Auxiliary Plant/Tatsumi Workshop
Fukushima Factory/Shanghai Auxiliary Factory/Tatsumi Workshop
Iwaki Plant/Takamatsu Plant
Iwaki Factory/Takamatsu Factory
Plant for labeling in Japan and overseas
Factory for labeling in Japan and overseas