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Overseas merchandise

foreign product

Overseas merchandise

Overseas merchandise

Sankei handles all kinds of items ranging from garment accessories such as lining materials, interlining, and buttons to shoulder pad, haircloths, products processed by quilting or the like, and labeling-related products. We can produce and arrange them overseas as well as in Japan.
We have production and sales bases in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. Using our global network, we can respond to diverse needs.
We make use of the know-how we have nurtured in Japan, including initiatives with our factories and foreign associated manufacturers, to supply “Made in Japan” quality products even overseas.

Product line-up

Chinese products

  • Lining materials
  • Lining materials
  • Plain, striped, and printed patterned cloth up to cloth that can be used as outer material such as georgette and satin. An extensive line-up of Sankei original products.
  • Interlining
  • Padding
  • We have a wide assortment available ranging from processed yarn interlining for light to heavy garments to thin interlining in a vast array of colors, and interlining with attention to functionality such as application to hard to stick materials and for product washing.
  • Shoulder pad, sleeve head wadding and haircloths
  • Shoulder interlining, sleeve wadding and haircloths
  • These are produced at our factory in Shanghai, Shanghai Sankei Garments and Auxiliary Factory. Haircloths are supplied at Japanese quality under the guidance of a Japanese Haircloth Technical Advisor.
  • Accessories
    (buttons, parts, tape)
  • Accessories(buttons, parts, tape)
  • Standard products such as small buttons, buffalo horn or leather buttons, buckles, parts, tape, and lace have been organized into series by category in the “Sankei Global Story” sample book.
  • Secondary processing
  • Secondary processing(quilting)
  • Shanghai Sankei Garments and Auxiliary Factory is equipped with dozens of quilting machines and needlework machines. It has high level processing technology and undertakes processing for famous European and North American brands.
  • Adhesive tape and inside belts
  • Adhesive tape and inside belts
  • Slit processing is performed at Shanghai Auxiliary Plant and a quick response can be achieved. In addition, it works on the development of new products in collaboration with factories and technical advisors in Japan.。
  • Elastic webbing and waistband
  • Waist interlining and elastic
  • These are manufactured at Shanghai Sankei Garments and Auxiliary Factory. Elastic webbing, in particular, is produced using the same method used in Mikuni Plant in Japan from yarn preparation to the finishing process, and it can supply high quality product on the basis of a rigorous quality control system.
  • Labels and packaging
  • Labels and packaging
  • Our factory can handle laundry labels and the like from fabric weaving to printing. It can produce a wide range of labeling-related products including name labels, tags, and packaging as well as RFID tags.

Merchandise from Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Bangladesh

(We also handle a wide range of merchandise not mentioned below. Please contact a Sankei sales representative for details.)

  • Merchandise from Vietnam
    (stock products)
  • Lining materials
  • Making use of know-how nurtured as a manufacturer in Japan and in conjunction with local manufacturers, we focus on the development of original products such as lining materials, interlining, wadding, and accessories.
  • Merchandise from Vietnam
    (processed products)
  • Padding
  • We undertake processing of items such as adhesive tape, waistband, shoulder pad, sleeve head wadding and name label printing at our factory in Vietnam to meet the demands of the customer.
  • Merchandise from Hong Kong
    (made to order products)
  • Merchandise from Hong Kong
  • In addition to standard products, we also produce products made to order. We produce and arrange all necessary materials for clothing and miscellaneous items such as bags, from fabric to parts.
  • Merchandise from Hong Kong
    (labeling-related products)
  • Merchandise from Hong Kong(labeling-related products)
  • In addition to tags, name labels, and packaging with great designs, we are also developing state of the art techniques to support a global production system, including multilingual display labels and an online ordering system.
  • Merchandise from Bangladesh
    labeling-related products
  • バングラデシュ商材
  • We produce and supply a wide range of labeling-related products such as tags, printed name tags, laundry labels, stickers, packaging, and heat transfer sheets at the same quality as in Japan or China.