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Our “Just In Time” logistics system

2.	Our “Just In Time” logistics system

With the slogan “just in time,” we have developed a logistics system to deliver “what is needed, only as much as needed, and when it is needed.”
The primary bases that operate this system are the “Mikuni Delivery Center,” which handles domestic shipments, and “EPS Mikuni,” which handles exports. Both are located within the Mikuni Production Base.
Through this system, we have developed a network that interconnects production bases located in a close vicinity to each other, sales networks covering all of Japan, and our overseas bases.
In addition, we sell products in small quantities, assort and package each commercial-use item individually according to their type, and also arrange packaging of finished products, load them into crates and provide assistance with customs clearance. This is the real “just in time” logistics service that we offer.