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Tape and ribbons

tape / ribbon



Thin tapes such as ribbons and cords, set off the garments they are tied to, passed through, or sewed into. We have an extensive selection of such tapes available in varying weaves, knits, colors, and patterns. In addition, we are able to provide various processing using our dye works, which is able to handle orders quickly, in small lots, and in colors that match the outer material, and our processing facility, which produces original frill tape.

Recommendations of tape and ribbons for spring and summer 2016

“BLUE” テープ


In line with the SS16 season’s trend for blue, we are offering a tape made from a variety of raw materials and with a variety of designs, notably using denim effect.


Fringes and tassels

Fringes and tassels have become popular due to the fashion for ethnic features. We offer a great variety of products ranging from natural types made from natural raw materials to elegantly designed types.

Product line-up

  • Ribbons
  • リボン
  • We have ribbons available in a wide range of different variations with different raw materials and weaves. We also have a full range of colors and widths.
  • Braids
  • ブレード
  • We have many variations of knit. Braids are available in many designs, painstakingly produced with a sense of high quality, and ideal for the use of accents such as jacquard.
  • Cords and spindle cords
  • コード・スピンドル
  • Cords, spindle cords, and the like are used for casual wear and other garments. They function as cords and there is also an emphasis on their design.
  • Lace tape
  • レーステープ
  • We also have a full range of tapes displaying delicate patterns such as torsion, raschel, chemical and embroidery.
  • Knitted tape
  • ニットテープ
  • We have a variety of knitted tapes, either plain or patterned. Their appeal lies in their softness, stretchability, and manageability.
  • Piping
  • パイピング
  • This is tape for piping as a design accent. We have an extensive range of colors available.
  • Frill tape
  • フリルテープ
  • We can process existing tapes or ribbons, or produce made to order product from fabric. An endless range of combinations of raw materials and processes is available.