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We support your every need with our ability to make detailed responses.

We support your every need with our ability to make detailed responses.

At Sankei, we emphasize the importance of talking to our customers face to face in order to pinpoint what they need. Our business representatives will pay visits to customers and make proposals from a full range of products based on customer's needs.
Furthermore, our experienced staff members, who make sure the products are of high quality, the Sewing Technical Advisors, and our sales promotion that is up-to-date on the current trends, will support your business and sales activities.

In addition to the sales network covering all areas of Japan, we have overseas sites in China and the ASEAN countries. We will provide you with full support both in Japan and overseas.

Our selling point

Extensive know-how and
strength in proposals

We have knowledge in all fields, and can recommend the best commercial items you need.

At Sankei, we place the greatest importance on gaining the trust of customers. Our business representatives do not only sell products, they work daily to find the best way to meet customers’ requests. We have proposals for every customer.

support system

Our expert staff members provide support

At Sankei, in addition to providing customers with full support, we have a system where specialized staff members will help you with planning.
Experts in each field will help you solve problems in ways that will suit each customer.