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Privacy policy

privacy policy

 1. Personal information protection policy

Enacted: April 1, 2015

Sankei Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) is to comply with this privacy policy with a view of the fact that it is the Company’s corporate duty to comply with the law on protection of personal information (Personal Information Protection Law) and other relevant laws.

1) Compliance with the law

The Company is to set out internal rules as “Personal Information Management Regulations” and a “Personal Information Protection Standard,” and is to strengthen awareness among its directors and all employees (including contract workers, dispatch workers, and part timers. Same hereinafter) to ensure that they comply with the laws and norms for the protection of personal information.。

2) Purpose of use

The company is to use personal information for the following purposes. Personal information may not be used for any purpose beyond this scope without the consent of the person concerned except for reasons sanctioned by the Personal Information Protection Law or other laws.

  1. Business-related contact with clients, execution of contracts, demands for execution, etc.
  2. Responses to inquiries or requests
  3. Provision of information or advertising materials related to products and services
  4. Announcements of exhibitions or other events
  5. Employment screening and contacting of human resources, personnel management after employment
  6. For other purposes associated with the use objectives above

3) Supply to third parties

The Company may not supply personal information to any third party without the consent of the person concerned except under the circumstances set out below.

  1. If required by law.
  2. If required to protect human life, health, or wealth and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person concerned.
  3. When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the healthy upbringing of children and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person concerned.
  4. When it is necessary to cooperate in the performance of a duty set out in law by a government body, local authorities, or a party commissioned by such as body, and when the performance of the duty in question might be compromised by obtaining the consent of the person concerned.

4) Secure management of personal information

The Company is to take appropriate measures for the management of personal information to prevent illegal access, loss, leakage, or damage.

5) Education and training

The Company is to strengthen awareness of this personal information protection policy among its directors and all employees to ensure the appropriate management of personal information, and is to work at educational activities.

6) Notification of use objectives, disclosure, revisions, and suspension of use of personal information

In the event of any application from the person concerned regarding notification of disclosure by the person concerned, revisions, additions, deletions, suspension of use, suspension of supply to third parties, or use objectives regarding personal information held by the Company, the Company is to confirm that this application does indeed come from the person concerned and is to respond sincerely and promptly in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law.

If the application does not satisfy the requirements set out in the Personal Information Protection Law, or if the Personal Information Protection Law or other laws forbid disclosure, the application may be refused.

7) Contact details

Applications for disclosure, opinions, questions, complaints, and other inquiries related to the handling of personal information may be directed as follows.

By mail 135-0062
Management Strategy Team, Planning and Coordinating Department, Sankei Co., Ltd. 6F KDX Toyosu Grand Square, 1-7-12 Shinonome, Koto-ku, Tokyo
By email
In person We are unable to accept applications in person.

 2. Specific personal information handling policy

Enacted: January 1, 2016

The Company applies the following policy on specific personal information.

1) Compliance with relevant laws and guidelines


The Company operates in compliance with laws on the use of numbers to identify specific individuals during administrative procedures and with related laws.

2) Measures for secure management

      【Measures for systematic secure management】

   ・“Specific Personal Information Handling Regulations” are to be set out to clarify the system for responsibility during administrative handling of specific personal information and to clarify administrative handling rules.

  【Measures for personal secure management】

   ・Employees are to be trained regularly regarding the handling of specific personal information, etc.

   ・Persons in charge of handling specific personal information are to execute their duties with a firm duty of confidentiality.

  【Measures for physical secure management】

   ・A management zone to manage information systems handling files of specific personal information and a handling zone for handling and administration of specific personal information, etc. are to be set up.

   ・Appropriate anti-theft measures are to be put in place for devices, electronic media, and written documents used to handle specific personal information.

  【Measures for technical secure management】

   ・Persons in charge of administrative handling and able to access specific personal information and the scope of the information available are to be set properly.

   ・Measures are to be put in place to prevent unauthorized access to PCs, servers, etc. used to handle specific personal information files.



3) Contact point for questions and complaints

Questions and complaints related to the handling of specific personal information and any other matters may be directed to the contact points below.

     Contact: Shingo-Yagi, HQ Management Department, Administrative Division


        Hiroto-Kondo, Personnel Team, HQ Administrative Department, Administrative Division


        Telephone number:03-6757-2786


 3. Revisions to the policy set out in 1 and 2 above

The Company may revise the policy set out in 1 and 2 above in accordance with revisions to the law and other needs.