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Elastic webbing and waisthand

elastic-band / waist-belt

webbing and  waistband


Elastic is seeing a continued rise in demand for use in innerwear, sportswear, casual ladies’ and men’s wear and the like. We have assembled and extensive line-up to meet various needs according to these uses, including weave and knit structure, thickness and texture, and elasticity and recovery ability. We produce waistband mainly used for the waist of men’s pants on an order made basis. We have factories for both elastic webbing and waistband in Japan and overseas, and we can respond to a wide variety of demands.

We can respond to diverse needs for elastic webbing in anything from small lots to mass production

Highly stretchable elastic webbing has so far been heavily used for innerwear and sportswear. As fashions have become more casual in recent years, demand for use in ladies’ and men’s wear has also been increasing. In addition, although elastic webbing was originally generally used on the insides of garments, an increasing number of garments now use elastic on their outsides, and there is also a lot of demand for products that are highly designed and distinctive in terms of their raw materials, colors, patterns, and secondary processing. At our factories, we carry out consolidated production from the yarn, which enable us to maintain stable quality, produce in small lots, and deliver in a short space of time. In addition, at our overseas production bases, we produce high grade products of Japanese quality, and we are also able to offer mass production.

The role of waistband

Waistband is mainly used to go around the inside of the waist of men’s slacks, and is also referred to as “waist lining” and “rag concealer.” It was originally used to conceal seam margins and cut edges on the insides of slacks, but it can also be used for functions such as preventing shirts from coming out and improving comfort. Recently, a lot of attention has been focused on an invisible, fashion-conscious design, and waistband is also sometimes used in ladies’ pants and skirts.

Waistband is a made to order processed product, and we are able to undertake this processing in our factories in Japan, China, and elsewhere overseas. We are able to meet a wide range of needs with an abundance of fabrics, sizes, and processing variations. We offer everything from simple types to highly designed piping and stitched types, and types with added functionality such as tack processing and non-slip tape.

Product line-up

Elastic webbing

  • Sewing elastic
  • 平ゴム
  • This is elastic tape or belts. We handle a wide range of products with varying textures, elasticities, recovery abilities, colors, and so on.
  • Curved elastic
  • カーブゴム
  • This is naturally curved elastic webbing. Its curviness and stretchability function to give the waistline a pleasing appearance.
  • Striped and lame elastic
  • ストライプ・ラメゴム
  • This is highly designed elastic webbing with features such as striped patterns or interwoven lame thread. It is ideal for external uses of elastic webbing.
  • Jacquard elastic
  • ジャカードゴム
  • This is an elastic webbing woven with complicated patterns such as brand logos using a jacquard machine.
  • Shirring elastic
  • シャーリングゴム
  • This is an elastic webbing used internally in cuff and waists to fasten while allowing cloth to contract and to produce gather.
  • Post-processing
    (printing and deodorization)
  • 後加工(プリント、消臭)
  • During post-processing of finished products, we are able to add functionality such as printing a pattern or deodorization.


  • Basic
  • ベーシック
  • Stitch/piping
  • ステッチ・パイピング
  • With tack
  • タック入り
  • Silicon non-slip
  • シリコン滑り止め付き

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