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Quilting factories (Tochigi, Shanghai)

quilt factory

Responding to varied needs with variety in secondary processing, including quilting.

We have factories engaged in secondary processing including quilting and raw fabric embroidery in Tochigi in Japan and overseas in Shanghai. Both factories are well equipped with a variety of facilities using state of the art equipment. Production and processing is carried out on the basis of a quality control system of the same standard at factories in Japan and overseas. You will be able to choose the processed fabric that you want.
In addition to processing, we are able to respond to various other customer needs such as arrangements for wadding and planning and development of new products.

Feelings towards manufacturing

Our motto is “high quality, quick delivery, low cost.” We are constantly working on technical innovations and our staff members enthusiastically work as one in “manufacturing” to ensure that we can meet the needs of our customers.

We are also eagerly engaged in the development of new product with a spirit of daring, and have made abundant project samples, including more than 3,000 stock patterns. We are confident that we have what you are looking for.

We are happy to work for you in a cheerful workplace that facilitates communication while feeling the joy of making things.


Tochigi Plant

Tochigi Plant

This factory is well equipped and is engaged in a wide range of quilting and embroidery. Processing extends from standard patterns like diamonds to varied geometric patterns or boxes generated by a computer quilting machine, and even to complex designs produced by machinery for embroidery of raw fabric.

In addition, the factory is able to undertake a variety of secondary processing activities such as sublimation transfer printing and lamination to print digital images output to transfer paper by the application of heat and pressure.

Various specialists are stationed in the factory who are able to follow the process in a consolidated fashion from project proposals up to control of mass production.


Production process system

Regular quilting process/computer quilting process/raw fabric embroidery process/lamination process/transfer printing